Nowhere Kitchen wishes to thank those who have made it a work of ‘Bayanihan’

Bayanihan is a term in the Tagalog language that refers to the organic way of how Filipinos help each other in times of need. For example, when a typhoon sweeps houses away, neighbors would help each other rebuild. Each Nowhere Kitchen experience somehow became an organic piece of bayanihan, where inspired people helped in animating and feeding the context. Special shout out to those who not only helped but somehow became part of the migrant Nowhere Kitchen transient community. Beyond and through their temporary Nowhere Kitchen experiences, some of them have gone to develop their own cooking careers and have started their own artistic enterprises.

From left: Danilo Timm, Denis Altschul, Luter Filho, Mari Sierra, Renata Saboya, Kotoe Karasawa cooking with Pepe Dayaw, 2015
Pepe with Marie Capesius, Alex Shure, Ayumi Saito, Berlin, 2014
From left: Selvaggia Peroni, Bruno Granja, Monica Cofino, Coral Paniagua, 2012

Acknowledgements to those who have inspired and gave the opportunity for Nowhere Kitchen.

The students and teachers of Master en Practicas Escenicas y Cultura Visual in Madrid 2011 / Lalo Gomes / Laura Pacheco/ Chris Micta / Gueraldine Guerrero / Lilith Albornoz Munoz / Lilian Pineda / Estitxu Arroyo / Mery Dorp / Monica Cofino and friends from La Xata La Rifa / Juan Domiguez, Cuqui and Maria Jerez & Living Room Festival / Jaime Vallaure and Family / Rafael Lamata / Oscar Cornago / Alicia Rios / Diana Delgado Urena / Espacio B – Madrid / Spielart Festival / La Cosa en Casa – Bilbao / Annelore Smits / Sara Brkic / B-Tour Festival / Kadri Noormets / Francesca Romana Ciardi / Month of Performance Art-Berlin / Lian Kian Lek / Berliner Gazette Redaktion / Forthwith Festival & the Forth Projects / Paul & Jen Nikkel / Todd Lester & Lanchonete.Org / Casa Almarela Sao Paulo / Caique Tizzi, Marcela Donato, Taina Moreno & the Agora Collective / Sun Mee Martin / Morgan Sully / Glenda Sino-Cruz / Maricarmen Sierra / Ursula Heinzelmann & the Oxford Symposium of Food and Cookery / Elisabeth Luard / Dovrat Meron / Teena Länge & Grüntaler 9 / Camila Graff Junior / Dirk Bell / Bernd Fraunholz / Lola Randl / Rumi Kobukawa / Bone Performance Festival-Bern / Green Papaya Art Projects / Festival Panorama – Rio de Janeiro / Renate Auzina & the House Foundation Le Marche / Trial & Error – Berlin / Uferstudios / Social Muscle Club / Kati Röttger / Viljandi Festival / Fredierike & Dieu Hao and the Abitz Family / Catarina Saraiva / Guerilla Architects / Entretempo Kitchen Gallery / Casa Almarela-Sao Paulo / Zarah Boreas / Comuna-Rio de Janeiro / Rita Couto / Rumah Sanur Creative Hub – Bali / Markthalle Neun / Kathrin Kuna / Philippine Embassy – Berlin / Jan Dubsky and Stiftung Freizeit / Max Geuer / Patrick Flores / Wen Lee / meLê Yamomo / Floating University Berlin / Fabrik International Center for Contemporary Dance – Potsdam / Nord Deutsche Junge Philharomnie / Passiflora Live / Drumherum

The temporary project space Sari-Sari, which became the homebase for Nowhere Kitchen, 2017-2022
One of the first dinners in Madrid, 2012.

Thank you. Vielen Dank. Muchisimas Gracias. Maraming salamat po.