Help me turn my leftover research into a school and feed it back to its roots.

Munich, 2013

Why support?

Dear friends of Nowhere Kitchen,

As many of you already know, Nowhere Kitchen is a DIY project that grew without necessarily relying on institutional fund. The project took shape thanks to a lot of volunteer support, love and passion from friends we have met along the way. Your support helps me dedicate time and activate the Nowhere Kitchen Documentation Lab as part of my full-time job and eventually be able to open up a dedicated learning platform and home for Nowhere Kitchen. Independently for almost a decade now of leftover cooking, I have been engaging in creative forms of DIY-Anthropology exploring the leftovers of this process into renewed forms of personal knowledge. I want to publish this research through various new creative and shareable formats. You can follow our blog to find out about the new developments and adventures of Nowhere Kitchen.

Love, Pepe Dayaw

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Read Pepe Dayaw’s manifesto on new ecologies and economies

Heartfelt gratitude to those who have lit part of the way for Nowhere Kitchen…

Jaime Vallaure / Oscar Cornago / the students and teachers of Master en Practicas Escenicas y Cultura Visual in Madrid 2011 / Monica Cofino and friends from La Xata La Rifa / Alicia Rios / Juan Domiguez / Maria Jerez / Living Room Festival / La Cosa en Casa / Annelore Smits / Sara Brkic / B-Tour Festival / Kadri Noormets / Francesca Romana Ciardi / Month of Performance Art-Berlin / Berliner Gazette Redaktion / Forthwith Festival & the Forth Projects / Paul & Jen Nikkel / Todd Lester & Lanchonete.Org / Agora Collective / Marcela Donato / Ursula Heinzelmann / Oxford Symposium of Food and Cookery / Grüntaler 9 / Dirk Bell / Bernd Fraunholz / Rumi Kobukawa / Bone Performance Festival-Bern / Lee Wen / Green Papaya Art Projects / Patrick Flores / Festival Panorama – Rio de Janeiro / Renate Auzina & the House Foundation Le Marche / Trial & Error – Berlin / Uferstudios / Social Muscle Club / Kati Röttger / meLê yamomo / Viljandi Festival / Dieu Hao Abitz / Catarina Saraiva / Stiftung Freizeit / Guerilla Architects / Entretempo Kitchen Gallery / Casa Almarela-Sao Paulo / Zarah Boreas / Comuna-Rio de Janeiro / Rumah Sanur Creative Hub / Bruno Granja / Markthalle Neun / Kathrin Kuna / Philippine Embassy – Berlin / Jan Dubsky / Diana Delgado Urena / Espacio B – Madrid / Marie Capesius / Luter Filho

…and to all the inspiring people who have cooked and become friends with Nowhere Kitchen…

Thank you. Vielen Dank. Maraming salamat po.