what kind of cooking is that?

‘leftovers is our philosophy”

Es Cena. Picnic Sessions V. Centro de Arte 2 de Mayo, Mostoles. June, 2013

Nowhere Kitchen is an evolving methodology of ‘cooking with leftovers’ or making something with what is (already) there; developed through a series of live cooking performances or manifestos. The practice initiated by Pepe Dayaw began as a dinner series in different houses in Madrid in 2012 and has since been taking place in various expanded contexts. Each improvisation creates localized architectures that in turn calls for precarious technologies and serendipitous folklores that reveal the uniqueness of each context.

Since then, the practice has become a way of life, designing for those who embark on it an ongoing social fabric of affects that lets one migrate and participate into the lives of others as an itinerant learning school. Through a network of perspectives from anthropology, choreography and other knowledge fields that research the nature of the social, Nowhere Kitchen’s current mission is to synthesize tools and ‘recipes’ for cooking / making without needing to follow just one recipe.

The basic structure of Nowhere Kitchen is an ‘easy and lightweight’ assemblage of found and existing materials where cooking (together) is possible. It evolves in-situ. It’s function is to collaborate with a given situation or facilitate the occurence of associations or what may be referred to as ‘coming together’ by inaugurating a kitchen now here. The ritual of cooking is considered as a breathing space where it is ‘safe’ to inhabit uncertainties and the ending dish and stories that remain are but leftovers of the process.


April – June. Madrid
Es-Cena (It’s Dinner). 12 different houses.
Master in Performance Practice and Visual Culture practice-as-research program at the Contemporary Art Museum of Reina Sofia and Matadero. tutorial: Jaime Vallaure and Idoia Zabaleta

September – November. Madrid/Brussels/Valencia
Es-Cena continued. in a dozen more situations
various contexts both artistic and ordinary life.

December. Madrid
Es-Cena (It’s Dinner). in a private house.
Living Room Festival. curated by Juan Dominguez, Maria Jerez and Cuqui Jerez


May. Berlin
Hot Acts. 5 different houses.
Month of Performance Art – Berlin. with Lalo Gomes

May. Bilbao
Es-Cena (finale). 2 different houses.
La Cosa en Casa. curated by Isaak Erdoiza and Maia Villot

May. Mostoles
Food Left. in a museum terrace.
Picnic Sessions V. Centro de Arte Dos de Mayo.

October. Asturias.
Food Left. in four bars, in a rural theatre
La Xata La Rifa Site-Specific Art Festival, curated by Monica Cofiño

October. Rio de Janeiro
Food Left. in a residency
Colaboratorio artist program. Panorama Festival of Contemporary Dance.
curated by Catarina Saraiva

November. Munich
Food Left. in a theatre festival
Wake Up! Assembly for a Different Europe. Spielart Theatre Festival. Muffatwerk


May. Berlin
Cooking in a summit on sustainability
Ouishare Fest. Agora Collective

May. Berlin
Cooking in a performance art meeting
Feeding Contexts. Artistic-Research meetings
the Month of Performance Art – Berlin.
with Marie Capesius, Ayumi Saito and Alex Shure

May. Madrid
Cooking in a gallery
Archive of Affects / Dissident Theatricalities. Espacio B
with Marie Capesius and Oscar Cornago

June. Berlin
Cooking in an event of a multi-city exchange project
We-Traders Summit. Kunstraum Bethanien.
curated by Javier Duero. with Marie Capesius

July. Oxford
Cooking in a conference on food and cookery
Oxford Symposium of Food and Cookery
with Tim Kelsey, Keelin Tobin, Eve Hemingway and the St. Catz chefs.

September. Belgrade
Spicy Histories
B_Tour Festival, Side Event of the Belgrade International Theatre Festival (BITEF)

October. Berlin
The Fabulous Leftover Cooking Show. in a marketplace
Stadtland Food. leftover community cooking and eating. Markthalle Neun.
with Kantine Neun, Florian Kliem, Slow Food Youth Berlin, Agora Food Platform

October. Asturias
Cooking leftovers in a cabaret show.
La Xata La Rifa Art Festival

October. Antwerp
Cooking in a children’s festival.
KrachtVoer. Villanella. De Studio


January. Berlin
Resto by Pepe (leftover Fridays) in a restaurant / cafe.
Agora Cafe / Food Art Residency

March. Sao Paulo
Spice Routes / Conversation Pieces. in a gallery / art house
Lanchonete.org at Phosphorus Gallery /
Casa Tofiq Residency

March. Tallinn
Cooking in a transdisciplinary symposium
Nordic Summer University Winter Symposium. Crossing Contexts of Artistic Research
with Ayumi Saito

May. Stockholm
Cooking with architecture students / learning design through cooking
with Royal Technical University of Stockholm

June. Berlin
Cooking in a curatorial art project / residency
Dreck (Dirt) project. Uferstudios
curated by Stefanie Wenner

August. Turin / Firenze / Le Marche
Cooking and Living without money
with Anjte Rieck, CSA Firenze, House Project

September. Berlin
Cooking residency in community art space / Lunch and Other Experience Designs
Agora Collective

October. Le Marche
Cooking in a residency project
with Luter Filho. Curated by Renate Auzina

December. Bern
Cooking in a performance festival
Bone Festival

December. Salvador da Bahia
Cooking in a music festival
Jangada Pop-Up at Festival MAREH, Boipeba.
with Zahara Boreas and Project COMUNA


January. Bali
Cooking in an international retreat / cooking in a local creative space
Decelerate team with Mari Sierra; Rumah Sanur

February. Manila
Cooking with a community / collective of artists
Green Papaya Art Project

February. Witten
Cooking with a collective of scholars
Oikos Winter School

March. Berlin
Cooking residency in community art space
Agora Collective, with Dan Timm and Renata Saboya

May. Paris
Cooking in an international summit on sustainability
Ouishare Summit. La Villette. with Dan Timma and Renata Saboya

May. Hamburg
Cooking in an art gallery
Koch CLub HOLO, M1, Arthur Boskamp-Stiftung

July. Meklenburg Vorpommen
Cooking in a music orchestra camp
junge norddeutsche philharmonie

August. Tallinn
Cooking in a national art gallery
Full Zero, Talinn Art Hall, with Kadri Noormets

August. Zurich
Cooking in the art school. Master Fine Arts degree show
with Maya Minder, Zurich University of the Arts

October. Berlin
Cooking in a festival of art and technology
RETUNE Festival

December. Madrid
Cooking in a gallery exhibition
Espacio B, Exhibition by Ana Cano B


April. Berlin
Nowhere Kitchen pop-up restaurant.
Drumherum Collective. with Kristin Bergman

April. Frankfurt
Cooking in a cultural center. Welcome to the Caveland
Künstlerhaus Mousonturm

August. Wilmersdorf-Angermunde
Cooking in a train station
with Marie Capesius, Jan Dubsky, Jan Spille, Luter Filho, Lola Randl, Dirk Bell and other artists

September. Berlin
Opening of Sari-Sari, Nowhere Kitchen’s home kitchen

October. Madrid
Cooking as an opening to a theatre season
Teatro Pradillo. curated by Jaime Vallaure, Diana Delgado Ureña

October. Berlin
Cooking in an international symposium of analog filmmakers
Labor Berlin

November. Vevey
Cooking in a festival on food and culture. Food Culture Days
with Dan Timm, Marie Capesius, Asli Hatipoglu, Marie Capesius, curated by Margaux Schwab

December. Amsterdam
Cooking for the new year
with Jan Dubsky and Julia Milz