leftover cultures

Nowhere Kitchen is an evolving methodology of ‘cooking with leftovers’ or making something with what is (already) there; developed through a series of live cooking performances or manifestos. The practice initiated by Pepe Dayaw began as leftover cooking performances in different houses in Madrid in 2012 and has since been taking place in various expanded contexts. Each improvisation creates localized architectures that in turn calls for precarious technologies and serendipitous folklores that reveal the uniqueness of each context.

Since then, the practice has become a way of life, designing for those who embark on it an ongoing social fabric of affects that lets one migrate and participate into the lives of others as an itinerant learning school. Through a network of perspectives from anthropology, choreography and other knowledge fields that research the nature of the social, Nowhere Kitchen’s current mission is to synthesize tools and ‘recipes’ for cooking / making without needing to follow just one recipe.

The basic structure of Nowhere Kitchen is an ‘easy and lightweight’ assemblage of found and existing materials where cooking (together) is possible. It evolves in-situ. It’s function is to collaborate with a given situation or facilitate the occurence of associations or what may be referred to as ‘coming together’ by inaugurating a kitchen now here. The ritual of cooking is considered as a breathing space where it is ‘safe’ to inhabit uncertainties and the ending dish and stories that remain are but leftovers of the process.