Cooking and architecture

Stockholm, May 2015 Royal Technical University, Architecture School THE LEFTOVER BANQUET: Cooking the Commons Studio 8 celebrated the end of the Sao Paulo project with a saudade food experience at the school. Together Studio 8 and Pepe Dayaw cooked a collaborative event in the courtyard, The Leftover Banquet. The food was sourced from the surplus… Continue reading Cooking and architecture



Berlin, February 2015 PEPE DAYAW'S SPICE ROUTES... "Sirocco" a one-night only exhibition, guided tour and dance-dinner performance Entretempo Kitchen Gallery The earliest recorded use of the word 'serendipity' dates back to 18th century, when art historian Horace Walpole mentioned it in a letter, and was said to be derived from a Persian fairy tale 'The… Continue reading Sirocco


Pepe Dayaw and Caique Tizzi, Manila – Sao Paulo

Berlin, January 2015 Photos: Franz Bruecke Caique and Pepe 15 January 7pm | Agora Collective, Mittelweg 50 The word 'saudade' first appeared as text in 13th century Galician-Portuguese anthology of poems called cancioneiros, more than 200 years before the first Portuguese men arrived in what is now Brazil. In the 1950s, a poem called 'Chega de… Continue reading Pepe Dayaw and Caique Tizzi, Manila – Sao Paulo


Nowhere Islands (food and community making platform)

About Nowhere Island The Island is Nowhere Kitchen's itinerant practice of installing live kitchen environments as a means of not only occupying an already existing context, but also collaborating to catalyze them. A state of ritualistic improvisation takes place where elements found in-situ are used to cook a given situation. The rituals that surround the cooking and eating meal create an… Continue reading Nowhere Islands (food and community making platform)