too many cooks in the kitchen creates many things. when many cooks are cooking in the same house, the cook can become many other things.


After 5 years of nomadic cooking, various encounters around the world, Nowhere Kitchen finds itself a little homebase in Berlin. A space that one could call home, a beautiful leftover from other cooking serendipities. Welcome home to Sari-Sari! We dedicate it as a salon for diverse cooking stories, theatres and pop-up projects. Everyone has something to cook, everyone has something to say.

‘Sari-Sari’ is a word that means ‘many things’ or ‘many dishes in one plate’. In the Philippines, it takes the form of a self-made mini grocery store of everything, eatery and meeting place. It is usually built right in one’s house in a part facing the street. Benches are placed in front so the customers keep the shop owner company, in the process of buying, eating or drinking something, or simply hanging out to have conversations. By day it is a store (tindahan) and lunch place (turo-turo). By night it is a huntahan (meeting place), where people gather to sing, talk, eat and drink the night away. It is a multi-purpose place that can extend its possibilities according to the needs of its community so barber cuts, karaoke sessions, t.v. screenings, can all be part of the repertoire.

It is the inspiration for our multi-purpose room where cooking is the simple base of telling stories in different ways. Hosted by Pepe Dayaw and friends, the house of Sari-Sari is envisioned as a house for collective cooking cultures, learning and exchange. It is a work of love and is meant to create room for cooking projects and community life sustained by its performers and publics.