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Turn your leftovers into a means for celebration and coming together.

Volksbühne, 2015

To book or invite Nowhere Kitchen perform cooking and feed your context or gathering, or to invite Pepe Dayaw to give a lecture or facilitate a workshop, simply write an email with a short and concise description of the occasion. You may send them to

You as the host of the event, these are some useful information to consider about when booking or inviting Nowhere Kitchen:

  • What’s the occasion or context about? Is there a purpose or an intention or a desire?
  • What is there? What leftovers are on hand? What tools are on hand? What kind of space are we using?
  • How many people are expected to come? Could they bring leftovers too?
  • What possible dates and times did you have in mind?

As Nowhere Kitchen is about improvising, there is no need to plan the outcome, there is no recipe to follow and it is up to you to prepare the size and the shape of your desire. You are the curator, we bring creativity and the rest is all about play and interplay.

After you write us, we would invite you to a video chat / meeting so that we can agree on the terms and resolve all practical issues before the event. For residents in Berlin, a face to face short meeting at our atelier in Neukölln would be preferred. It is important for us to get a feel of who we are collaborating with before we agree.

Kunstraum Sari-Sari, 2017


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Want to be involved with Nowhere Kitchen? Write us. | @nowherekitchen

Photos: (top) Andi Weiland (bottom) Marie Capesius