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performance lecture:


Life itself is an improvisation, especially for migrants.

when Pepe migrated to Europe and began an artistic research on the performance of migrant cooking and nomadic movement. Serendipitously collaborating and participating with different time based and site specific contexts, Pepe engaged in performance acts that explored the ‘ecologic’ boundaries and territorialities of performativity and theatricality, art and life, work and rest.

Pepe Dayaw started a series of dinners where he cooked what he found inside people’s fridges. In 2021, after nine years of nomadic cookings, Pepe remembers this body of experience, piece by piece, a time of leftover cooking, migrant movements, and the quest for his own dream and anthropology.

performance workshop:


Pepe Dayaw gives workshops on cooking (with leftovers), autobiography and artistic development. Through more than a decade of performance practice and experience through the Nowhere Kitchen itinerant project,

Leftover cooking became a performance art and act in both private and public spaces that took place as a series of happenings, collaborations, jamming, storytelling, urban interventions, street theatres, travels, ambient environments and experience designs. Pepe revisits the archives or leftovers of this cycle of time that he could characterize as a full circle from crisis to crisis, opportunity to opportunity, or in anthropologic terms, a long durational auto-ethnographic work.

What is the migrant body of knowledge and where is its archive? How can performance itself be a document where one can situate research, pedagogy, and art and life design? Pepe re-members together the oral memory with the help of material archive to synthesize forms and ways on how it could be shared or translated into a platform for artistic development and transition space for anybody: the DIY pedagogy of archiving one’s repertoire, cooking as a base of research and storytelling, and the commoning of improvised collective know-how. The ensuing work maps a genealogy of ideas, tools and methodologies that evolved as well through time and with each performance, as well as the procession of Pepe Dayaw’s micropolitic as a migrant artist, their search for home, community and integration. 

The workshop activates cooking and the body as inner and outer spaces of artistic search. It is aimed towards the individual as well as any collective body who wish to embark on a holistic learning based on cooking as performance art.

* The project has just received funding from the Fonds Darstellende Künst e.V. #takecare to develop an artistic archive. The project will be realized between February and April 2021.

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