Leftovers performed

Leftover, a word that forms the basis of the Nowhere Kitchen method means ‘what is there’. It goes beyond the food itself but involves all the practices embedded in leftover culture.

In big cities, leftover becomes associated with waste and relates to modes of overproduction. Hence the need to rescue leftovers. In a rural village, where cultures of production are mostly self-reliant, communal and connected to the land, leftover means simply what is there. Leftover is and has been the basic ingredient of culture.

Beyond food, leftover also means the residues of the past. Leftovers that remain and embodied as memories, language and archive of feelings. As in food, the body also acts as a kitchen for these leftovers.

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Andre Wakko, Cooking with what is there. Nowhere Kitchen research in Bali, Indonesia, featuring Pepe Dayaw, Ayumi Saito, Danilo Timm, Denis Altschul and Luter Filho, 2016

Jutta Damer, Cooking with leftovers. Nowhere Kitchen residency at the Uferstudios, ‘Dreck: Ein Apparat’, curated by Stefanie Wenner, 2015

CA2M, Food Left Performance at Picnic Sessions V, Centre de Arte Dos de Mayo, Mostoles. curated by Juan Dominguez, with Alma Söderberg and Gerald Kurdian, 2015

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By Pepe Dayaw

performance artist and choreographer from Manila, based in Berlin / Brandenburg

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