Prayers for Sun

Dinner and Voices
with Pepe Dayaw and Friends

25 March, Sunday, 7pm


In one’s naive mind, dreams are often animated fantasies that take lives of their own and just flow gently without consequence. Until the religion of experience brings forth what we could not yet feel when we are only dreaming. The stinging cold. The harsh falls. The improvisations. Dreams awakening into reality are like monsters that wreak a havoc. It disorients. The body our sanctuary becomes the eye of the storm. This is the path towards dream weaving that is beyond the happy endings. We don’t tend to inhabit this dark area. It is real. The most delicate task is to receive it as it truly is. To undress it of our frightened clothes. In the heart of nakedness, there is no fear.

When storms arise, to pray is what children’s do. They ask while they do not seek anything in return. As if the act itself is already the fortification. While religions are lost, prayers survive.

This Sun Day, join us in an intimate service, a buffet of tastes and voices in many tongues redeeming the delicate beauty of prayer.


SARI-SARI SALON, Lichtenrader Str 49

Cookery led by Pepe Dayaw starts at 5pm
Bread and Butter at 6pm
Buffet served at 7pm
Voices and Prayers at 8pm
Featuring meLe yamomo, Danilo Timm and more surprises…

Suggested Participation, 8-11 euros
pay more or less according to your heart and budget
We are open to accept other currencies and special exchanges
This event is a little fundraiser for Pepe Dayaw.


Photo: Marie Capesius


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By Pepe Dayaw

performance artist and choreographer from Manila, based in Berlin / Brandenburg

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