Recipe from Rehearsal 16.03.2017


Pepe, Anna, Ronya, Suzanna,
Isabella, Livia, Adrien, Clair,
Kotoe, Hiroki, Kyutetsu, Lisa,
Denis, Sasha, Luter


Dancing with Limits
Walking as Entry Point
Discussion: Ad Libitum
Moving with Scarf
The Need for Introduction
turned into small performances from everyone
challenge: to sustain the flow (avoid dead air)
Transition and Entry, practice of restraint
Imitation: Pangalay
One performs, somebody enters
Push and shove, move together
Perform together a yet to be known piece
Assign a leader, then replace the leader
Choreographic questions emerged.
A little structure.


The Will to Move.
Desire. The inner motor that inspires change. In meditation, desire is practiced as small intentions. Intentions are to be implemented, and in the process of implementation, desire takes a form of a search. In the process of constant discovery, the search is the end.

Filling the gaps.
To observe and find some voids where your body as a filler can take place. In a continuously moving body, filling the gaps is a continuous process. To always evaluate the situation, and know when the patterns need to change.

Peripheral vision.
An entry point to the field of trust. Embodied thinking.

Leader and Follower. A Game of Systems.
The leader and follower are roles assigned influenced by space. Or directionality. Once enacted as choreography, the game is revealed, and those who take the roles too seriously cannot enjoy the game. Both as leader and follower, you can discover tactics on how to reveal your unique position.

A tool to immediately interact with the environment.

Responsibility to Self. Assume your own position.
Regardless of your role, you may assume a position.

Is important too. It can interact with desire for the body to move, to enact necessary steps.

Influence is everybody’s responsibility.

A Structure for the Next Session

1. Walking as Entry (Meditation)
2. Carpet: One by One Short Performances
3. Discourse
4. Techniques: Butoh, Pangalay, Use of Props
5. A Yet to be Know Short Piece
6. Eating and Drinking

By Pepe Dayaw

performance artist and choreographer from Manila, based in Berlin / Brandenburg

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